Here is a fantastic clip about how babies are made. My son and I made it, it’s mom approved, with actual terms and correct information used about how babies are made. This clip will be a great spring board for the ‘birds and bees’ talk for you and your children. Enjoy!

Hi, my name is Sam. That’s me. Except, no sandals. And yeah, definitely more muscles. Today we are going to talk about seeds. Trees come from seeds. They grow seeds and those seeds when treated right grow more trees. Those trees grow seeds and more trees, and more trees. It’s like little baby trees!

Let’s talk about our people seeds. Some call it the birds and bees. I really have no idea why it’s called that!

Men or males have sperm. Inside is a special package they really want to share it with the woman’s seed. That’s their seed. The ladies or women have an egg. Inside is important information to share with the sperm to make a baby. It’s like a package. It’s kinda pretty. This egg can also be called ovum, but I kinda like to call it a queen seed. My mom’s a queen, well that’s what my dad says. I can’t really decide what to call a woman’s seed so let’s just call them all three names; Queen ovum egg.

Here’s a better look at where eggs live for women, inside the lower part of their stomach. It’s the same place babies are born. Here is a closer look at what a woman’s reproductive system looks like, that means where babies are made and grow. The actual Queen ovum egg lives right there, on the ovary. Now let’s really take a close look at the reproductive system. Here are the ovaries, where the eggs live. Females have two ovaries. They also have two fallopian tubes. The middle part is called the uterus. The Queen ovum egg waits inside the fallopian for her truest love, which is the first sperm to find her. She’s only there for a couple of days each month, so it’s kinda tricky to find her sometimes.

Men’s seed comes inside the woman, which is called intimacy or sex. The sperm needs to met, mix, join, combine, hug, connect, whatever you want to call it, with the Queen ovum egg. the sperms are tying with all their might to make it to the Queen ovum egg. It’s their sole purpose and destiny. It’s like a race for all the marbles or for a gold medal. And for survival. The only sperm that gets to share it’s package is the sperm that hugs or touches with the Queen ovum egg. So the sperms fight for all their might to find her, sometimes they even wait for a few days, looking for her. If they find her, the first sperm who begins to touch her, is the winner! The Queen ovum egg then puts up an invisible force field and doesn’t want any more sperms to come in. She only wants one sperm to be her King. Now it’s time for their first dance! Some have called it the dance of love, the other sperms become the servants and use there tails and spin the two lovers around in a clockwise direction. After both the egg and the sperm share their important information or packages with each other, a new cell is born! This new cell attaches to it’s new home which is where the new cell grows into a baby. Wow, that is a good love story! But this is only the beginning, baby grows lots and mom’s tummy gets really big. She even might start craving pickles. Then the baby is born and this is where the true love story of a family begins!


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