Teach Us Love

Teaching tools for parents – how to teach your kids about love and sex – Mom Approved


Jennifer has received a B.S. in communication disorders and a M.S. in family studies. She is passionate about educating old and young about sex and intimate matters. The mission statement for this site is to:

  • Provide scientifically sound and insightful information about sex and human development
  • Teach and provide tools for parents to be the primary sex educators for their children
  • Encourage and teach parents how to obtain and sustain healthy intimate relationships
  • Inspire all that visits us virtually to cultivate healthy intimate relationships

Jennifer’s overall belief and teaching philosophy about intimacy is that it’s sacred, special, powerful, and amazing when it’s done right. Jennifer is so happily married with four active children and loves everything about love!

Neil (AKA Honey or Hot Stuff) has a M.S. in educational psychology and is currently working toward a Ph.D. in Education. He has taught high school students for seven years and loves every minute of it. In his spare time he tickles his kids, rides a horse, fixes stuff that’s broken or old, or so lovingly and willingly proof reads his wife’s blog post’s.

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